LOGO FOR BFWRUWEYDA DOOL. The designer and the brand

Men’s British Fashion – Simplicity with an edge

“Do not think inside the box; do not think out of the box. Just imagine there is no box”.

The Ruweyda Dool label provides bespoke tailoring at its finest; creating garments that are free from structure and barriers; presenting tailored, everyday, ready-to-wear garments.

Ruweyda Dool’s greatest attribute to the hand-made pieces is simplicity. A brand focused on tailoring at its purest of forms. Challenging conventions of normal practice by using a mixture of various innovative materials, to create something relaxed yet sharp and distinctive. Taking great pride on its visually pleasing aesthetics encourages consumers to feel the luxury of the brand, through its fine fabrics and cloths.

The days of simply following fashion trends have been replaced with the growing need to celebrate individuality. We are all made different. Not one human being is the same. This represents Dool’s core values – to emphasise uniqueness simply in what we wear, standing out from a crowd of high street in bespoke pieces. A combination of contemporary minimalistic design and attention to construction and materials is what makes the brand stand out and differ. It is the consideration of the cuts and seams that are the little details, which makes this brand refreshing. Although the individual panels of a garment may appear complicated, once it is constructed, it in fact symbolises simplicity with an edge. The designers mind works in an abstract way, which is a perfect example of her methodology.

Catering to the modern gentlemen with high quality clothing that fits the male physic body perfectly, Ruweyda Dool makesit easy and affordable for consumers to get custom tailored menswear for a look that is professional, fashionable and truly sophisticated.

Being self-taught in fashion and having a background of surface design, photography and textiles, is what pushes Ruweyda Dool to excel and invent.



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