LALELALE expresses “bohemian elegance” – the whimsical energy of the bohemian, shaped into refined elegance. The name “lale” (pronouncedlaa-lay) is an ancient word for “tulip“, and epitomizes that spirit of timelessness and romantic charm.

We have always been inspired by authenticity and nature, evident in our principle use of natural fabrics. Our cotton is GMO-free, grown, and hand-picked in the ancient Aegean Region in Turkey. For its softness, density, and resistance to aging and pilling, Aegean Cotton is perhaps the finest in the world. Our viscose fabric is sourced from sustainably harvested beech trees, its silk-like aesthetic giving to our pieces their graceful silhouettes.

Combined with originality and an eye for subtle details in crafting each piece, LALE represents a highly distinctive aesthetic.


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