Gwen & SydGWEN&SYD is a ‘limited edition’ contemporary fashion and accessories brand based in London and designed by Eve Tokens.

Eve has a strong interest in sustainable and ethically produced fashion and accessories, and sources her fabrics as carefully as possible, considering the ethical and environmental costs of each choice.

Occasionally, designer surplus is used to create a very limited run of garments, and end of season surplus is put to good use too. Very few pieces of GWEN&SYD are ever the same. This ‘limited’ way of designing means that each GWEN&SYD piece has it’s own uniqueness – almost like a couture piece!

The collection GWEN&SYD would like to show is ‘The Lost Artemisia’. Made up of separates, it is a stunning summer collection with both casual items and more intricate couture like pieces.


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