Georgina Hart

Georgina HartGeorgina Hart is a Bedfordshire-based second year fashion student at Northumbria University.

” I have always loved art and design and studied them both through school, this was also when I first went to spend time with a dressmaker. I absolutely fell in love with the craft,  and was amazed at her talent. This really inspired me, and since  then it has always been my aim to become highly skilled at what I do and create.

 I really love the passion and love that comes with fashion, whether it’s creating something truly beautiful, or the moment a woman comes out of a fitting room, standing taller and more confident than when she went in, simply because she feels beautiful.

The defining feature of the fashion I design and create is femininity. I love the female form, and what fashion can do to enhance and celebrate it. I believe fashion should be fun, passionate and beautiful.  Clothing should be a pleasure.

I have experience interning for Emilio De La Morena, a luxury London based designer. During my internship, I was heavily involved in the build up and the duration of London fashion week and loved this insight into the fashion world.


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