Linda is a textile designer,specialising in handwoven fabrics. She  Studied a HND  in Fashion and Textiles at Basingstoke college before studying a B.A(hons) in  Constructed Textiles at Middlesex University.  Her studio is currently  based at the internationally renowed Wimbledon Art Studios. And was a finalist for the John Singer Sargent Art prize held at Broadway Arts Festival in June 2014. And showcased  at London Fashion week in September 2014 with Fashions Finest for new designers,

She endeavours to create unique pieces of wearable art from  handwoven scarves,wraps and bags.  Each design is an individual work intended to create a distinctive piece by composing a mood or texture in fabric. No two pieces of Linda’s work will be indentical, although themes flow from one piece  to another.

Her influences are drawn from the  Art Nouveau era, particulary artists such as  Alphonse Mucha, Gustav Klimt, Jessie M King, Margaret MacDonald,  together with Celtic Mythology.
Linda is also deeply influenced by the seasonal ebb and flow of the British Isles,. from Autumnal woodlands, insect wings, and tree bark and the undulating patterens of  seaweed left by the outgoing tide.

Her work incorporates a multitude of media; from silks, luxury wool fibres, cashmere, mohair,  metallic yarns,ribbons,vintage lace,velvets and satins with occassional hand embroided beading (as inspiration dicates)

Please take notice designs may vary, each design is handmade individually and yarns/ fabrics and colours may vary according to suppliers stock.

New collection about..
My new collection takes its’ inspiration from traditional Celtic design and the mood and style of the Edwardian avant garde. I have been especially drawn to the sensual textiles of Margaret Macdonald, Rennie Mackintosh’s assertive symmetry and the traditional ancient beauty of the Lindisfarne Gospels, drawing on a palette of natural and bolder hues, crimson, pastel greens & blues, gold and silver, to weave these inspirations together.

Stylistically, my work is a blend of my own handwoven multi-textual fabric designs incorporating sheer silks, dense wools, antique lace, faux fur, feathers and accented with Swarovski crystals and gold & silver thread mixed with twisted wire and A- symmetrical abstract hemlines.


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