Tangram LogoTangram is formed by Roberto Caro and Maribel Fajardo (Granada 1986), both with a degree in Fine Arts. They decided to create this brand after specializing in fashion in School of Arts and Estación Diseño, with a scholarship in 2013. They have been trained by fashion designers such as Antonio Alvarado or Elio Berhanyer.

With their first runway in 2009, they won the second prize in the II Contest for Young Andalusian Designers of Elio Berhanyer. In 2012 they received the first prize in the Competition for Young Andalusian Designers. With “Tan Gram” collection they represented Andalucía in the National Fashion Awards. With “Criss-Cross” collection they won the third prize in the V Edition of Fortuny´s fashion show in 2013 and were selected for the BID Awards (V Ibearo-american Design Meeting).

In 2013, they were part of exhibition “Santas de Zurbarán: Devoción y Persuasión” (Zurbaran Saints: Devotion and Persuasion), directed by Elio Berhanyer.

In the world of cinema, they have developed some works as costume designers in “El resto es silencio” (“The Rest is Silence”) (2013), and “El silencio de Afrodita” (“The Silence of Aphrodite”) (2012). They recently collaborated with the costumes of Almudena Cid, for the film “Todos los Sentidos” (“All the senses”).

This brand believes in a very elaborate design, with clean and smart lines that follows a geometric game in its patterns. Each garment is provided with an artisan value, working in every detail and looking into new materials.



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